U.M.M. Claybird Shoot

From our UMM President: If you missed the fifth annual clay bird shoot, you missed a winner.  The weather was great and the food terriffic.  Many thanks to Greg Copeland in China for the use of his automatic trap.  It sure beats the manually cocked version.  Also thanks to the Guires for hosting the event and special thanks to Howard Schultz for the best jambalya I have ever eaten.  We had nearly 20 people attending.  Some ate-some didn’t.  Some shot-some didn’t.  As Pastor Paula said:

Some just came to “watch and pray.”
Given my shooting, I was “Standin’ in the need of prayer.”  We shot about 400 clay birds using a variety of guns and shells.  We had over unders, pumps and semi-autpmatics in 410 bore, 28 guage, 20 guage and 12 guage.  ( No 16 guages showed up this year)  I’ll try to remember to bring one next time.  We shot up shells that were new and some that had been in game bags for 20 years or more.  This is a really special event  in that it gets together folks that we don’t always see.  Everyone had a great time and got to shoot a wide variety  of shotguns.