Church Facilities

About the Building:

Henry Brandt, a builder by trade, constructed this building in 1901, using East Texas pine. The primitive hand-tools used are on display, next door, in our Historical Society Museum. Mr. Brandt used white pine for the exterior siding, yellow pine for the flooring and beaded paneling on the walls and ceiling. The paneling was hand-rubbed once, with boiled linseed (flax) oil in 1901, and has received no further treatment.

The ceiling’s acoustical baffling provides excellent echo-free sound in the sanctuary. Jeweled, stain-glass windows depict themes of our Methodist faith, and commemorate our founder and others who have influenced the growth of our church. Although it looks much like it did in 1901, there have been changes made…

      • In 1989, the church was made wheelchair accessible.
      • In 1990, the church installed indoor plumbing
      • In 1992, central heat and air replaced the old wood-burning stove.
      • In 2001, our education building was completed.
      • And in 2007 the chancel area was graced with a free standing table for Holy Communion.